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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

For weeks I’ve been trying to keep everything in tidy boxes. Life boxes, if you will. Trying to jam my life the way it was, into the frame of life as it is now and do you know what? It doesn’t fit.

All the same stuff is there but it’s not the same shape anymore. With the way the world is right now, life is flabby in places, lean in others and downright non-existent in some parts.

It can no longer fit into the tidy boxes I've been used to - the elements of my life are now a completely different shape and seem to be changing weekly so it's not just a matter of get up, go to work, come home again. Meet up with friends is difficult, if not impossible and even exercise looks different now. It's all I can do to cook, create time, support, supply and be present for my family.

I’m going to stop trying to make it fit into new boxes and move to baskets instead. They’re prettier and more flexible and since all of the bits and pieces of my life are overflowing and a little unruly, there's a little more give to accomodate the shifting changes and challenges.

With baskets in mind, I'll be able to mentally store things a little more practically and within reach; space for:


There's not as much of it, but what’s there is good, stimulating stuff and I'm very grateful for that.


Distracted as they navigate their own lives and boxes, I'm so proud of their resilience and draw inspiration from the way each of us is moving through life at the moment.


Essential in anchoring me in who I really am and what I can achieve, making time to meet up in some capacity is paramount to bolstering my mental health.


The cocoon in which I rest, create, love, nurture and now work is not under threat and I am mindful of this fact. Whilst it needs constant care and attention, I'm embracing essential tasks with gusto.


Ever-present, looming with the potential to bring me undone, I am choosing health and happiness around opportunities to gather and share.


Like the cords and adapters jumbled in the bottom of drawers, my mind is filled with scattered memories, worries, ideas, failures, tools, potential…

Time now to move gently forward with life somewhat organised into baskets, albeit with sagging lids that allow a glimpse of what lies beneath, within myself.

Disheveled, yes, but still me and always learning.

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